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Friday, March 30

SPAMMIN. Oh YEAH! (Title=I needest more sleep.)

So. Guys!!! Long time no..blog! :) Feels like. Maybe because I've been vacating
I like Great Wolf Lodge. ;D
Yeah. I did. But, I just kind of feel like doing these awesome questions. Right now.
  By the BTW...  Keaghan tagged me. Thank you Keaghan.;)

11 Random Things about myself:

 1. I am destructive. Wait.  Distracted is what I was trying to say. I think. :D
 2. I am a klutz.
 3. My feet often feel claustrophobic.In winter time.
 4. I kinda like heights. o_0
 5. This fine earth's enchantment often brings a catch to my breath and tears to my eyes.
 6. Sometimes I wish I had red hair. It seems like i Should...For some reason...
 7. I am intrigued. By emotions, Meanings, secrets, sparkles, rainbows, Love, God,  interior design, owls and chocolate.
 8. Nostalgia is a Place.
 9. Sometimes I discover my oddness. Perhaps almost as much as other people do.
10. I have a creepy slash obsessive smelling disorder.

Her Questions:

1. If you belong to a so-called "fandom," what is it? (As in, Hoodies for BBC Robin Hood fans, Trekkies for Star Trek fans, Whovians for Doctor Who, Sherlockians for Sherlock...)  Hungarians...? For hunger games:D Jk... I'm not into like...Worshiping things. Really. :/  But i do LIke the Hunger Games Trilogy.

2. Would you rather sing, dance, or play an instrument? Welll.... I'm happy with just singing. My skills are rather limited. :D

3. If you have siblings, how many? Are you the eldest? Youngest? I am La Oldest. I have a 15 Year old sister, a 11 year old brother, and a 6 Year old Hooligan. (brother)  I'm 17. By the BTW.
Its so weird for me to say that. I don't really....FEEL...17... I'm not sure what I feel like. I'm almost 18 tho. ;) (June 25th) (*shrugs*)

4. What color are your bedroom walls? PINK.     Oh and the one with the window is black. ;)     *sigh*  .....I love my room. *swoons*

5. What's a phrase or word you use often? In pauses of noise I am usually doing something different than is normal. Probably snorting(loud pieces of laughter) or something. Yeah. *shrugs in sorriness* :D

6. Mac or PC? spam or spam? Basically, No. Or....wait. ? Sure.

7. Would you rather be barefoot or wear shoes? BAAAAAREFOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I can't wait til its warmer. My feet are getting cabin fever. Or..shoe fever. * LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH* rolls eyes. :D

8. If you could have one item of clothing from any book, television show, or movie, what would it be and what show/book/movie does it come from? Clothing? Wow.  Katniss's "Girl On Fire" dress from The Hunger Games Books. :)

9. Do you have more friends who live near you, or more that are long-distance?
HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ANSWER THIS!!! :) I feel incredibly, Incredibly Blessed to have Alot of Both. ;) <3

10. Would you rather draw/paint/sketch or write? Writing is more of my "Forte".  Pronounced four-TAY.  I also like abstractish painting. Wish I could draw but Hey, Wouldn't wanna be perfect. (SNORT) ( That was a joke, to all you unsure people;D )

11. What's your least favorite chore around the house? Anything to do with feces, OBVIOUSLY.


So... Yeah. I'm not gonna go taggin taggin, Everybody taggin... *Distantly mumbles song lyrics* OH. Where was I? Oh yes. I already did a Tag-Tag so... I'll just not do that. :) But if you wanna answer some questions, Hey! Go right ahead. Ask yourself your most imaaaginative question in the Comments Below. :D 
K, I think it would be smart of me to stop here, where the Normal is not quite All used up. *awkward cough*
For your safety. :)

Love and Peace.

 P.S ...... I have literally NO idea why... OH. Good Idea. You guys can fill in #11 of the "Random things about Kate" Lol.
Cos I literally have no idea why Its not filled in.

I shudder.



  1. It is approximatly NOw that I realize this font is so big that My eyes can barely register what they are seeing. I apologize for this. I'm too tired to Go change it.
    So Im sorry.

  2. LOL, love your responses, Kate! :)
    We should form a "oldest-sibling-sister-who-is-seventeen-almost-eighteen" club. ;)


  3. I nearly snorted the hot tea I was drinking when I read answer 11... :D

  4. It makes me quite tickled that I could disrupt your calm sipping in such a manner.:D


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