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Sunday, November 27

Early Morning Stillness

Iridescent Purple...
                      A glittering spray of fireflies
                                                            scattered far and wide,
   Before my misty eyes
  They visit Undisturbed.

The sky relaxes...
      Royal Blue Floods the Sky.

     A faint glimmer of light,
             A wishful, winking sun peeking over the edge of my vision.
    Silhouettes and Shadows
come out of hiding,
          Looming shapes
                          Brighten to reveal Frost encased hills..

Streetlights grow weary
                             and slowly simmer into oblivion.

Simpering puddles of sunlight race for the Heavens,
                                        trying to see who can get to the top first.

Telephone poles energetically stretch for the sky,
           sending puffs of feathered fluff
                                                          into the air...

Lacey trees whisper..
                    comforting each other in the Prying stillness

Suburbs lazily blink awake..
                                                                         and get ready for a big day.

I watch in silence,

Friday, November 25


Hey Guys:)
Long time no post!
Its been almost a month (gasp!!!) and i just wanted to tell you guys that I in fact am NOT dead,
Just insanely busy! Working on a couple of things, so in the next... few weeks we'll say..;) 
I'll be adding some shtuff here.
Real writing can't be forced, but I've started some "things" and maybe the time will
come to finish them up soon, Whoooo knows? ;)

Also, this picture may be one of the most adorable things I've seen all day. 
The Cute may attack you. 
Shield yourselves!!!!

Thanks for your patience;)

Saturday, November 12


...Tear stains on an empty page
            Telling the story more beautifully than any words could ever hope to...

A Story of Grief,
                        of Pain.
A chapter of Trying to forget.
Innocence ribboned through the entanglement of a Young precious life.
Whispers of Knowing, 
                        Of being torn;
Telling of a deep empty Hopelessness
           Being buried Alive.

                         A Love Revealed!
                                           A Glorious, Wonderful Light,
                                                         Illuminating the deepest shadows hiding in the corners.
                  Oh How I could not even Tell you!!

And Peace.
 It took my breath away.

A story of total security,
Nestled in the arms of The Maker Himself.
The Wonder escapes my explanation!
The Love in His eyes
                as He Tenderly Held the very Zane of His existence.
The silent message of Absolute Acceptance.
The Whispers of Hope that echoed throughout the little room..

I Knew I would Never forget...

A Mighty, Crashing Waterfall of Peace.
I felt It Abrasively Removing the layers of dust that for so long I had neglected
Until Nothing Remained.
Stripped Free of everything that once I had used to Hide behind;
I Stood
In being so Loved,
                      My Unworthiness Revealed.
Because of Grace,
                   UnFathomable Grace...
                                       I Now Know Freedom.

Dedicated to Amberlynn.

Friday, November 11


                                                         Today is Remembrance Day.
 Even though I don't agree with war and fighting to make peace,
I still think it's important to respect and remember those who did, and died because of it.
 This poem has always intrigued me...
As I try to imagine an endless ocean of poppies, scarlet in the dying sun...
Rows of crosses. Stretching out into the horizon,
I can't see the beginning..
I can't see the end.  
Thousands of Men, Eager to die for Freedom.

I wonder how many knew.. that
True Freedom is only a whisper away.

In Flanders Fields
                   the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch, be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep,

though poppies grow
            In Flanders fields.

John McCrae

Tuesday, November 8

In This Storm...

In my Bibles little dictionary describes Hope as "Confident Expectation".
I've been thinking about Hope alot lately. Especially on the dark days, when i can't see anything secure for me to hold onto. When theres not a flash of Light, just endless, cold, damp Darkness. It washes over me, chilling me to the bone. I start to ache. I start to doubt. I wonder why it has to be like this. Why can't the sun just peek out from behind the layer of clouds, just for a small moment? But, I know that the sun IS there. Behind the clouds, Its there. I know this. I have unwavering confidence that the sun is exactly where it always has been.
Even in the darkest of the dark tunnels i have to walk through, I see that little strip of light at the end, that tiny little promise of something brighter ahead. A light in the window, A Hope. A LIVING Hope.
That day, long ago, when i Accepted God's Love and let Him rescue me, He gave me this Hope. He handed it to me, softly and gently. He smiled with His eyes. I saw True Love, tangible, for the first time.
"This is for you", He said. "To warm up your stiff frozen hands when you are chilled to the bone. When it seems like there's nothing else, remember this Hope. It will keep you alive. Nobody can ever take this from you. Break off little pieces, and give them to somebody who needs it, whenever you can. Live in a way so that people can see this Hope, and yearn for what I have given You."
So now, even when it seems like theres nothing left for me to live for, I have Hope. And I have God. He never moves, He's where he's always been. He never changes, We do.

This song is so special to me. In that moment that I am weakest, I need Him the most. And every time I've fallen, He has always been there, a whisper in the wind, telling me that He is with me and I don't have to be afraid. 
Never Lose Hope, my Friends.<3

I was sure by now, God,
You would have reached down
           And wiped our tears away,
    Stepped in and saved the day...
But once again, I say "Amen", and it's still raining.

I remember when
              I stumbled in the wind...
                       You heard my cry to you
           And you raised me up again.
My strength is almost gone...
How can I carry on,                
              If I can't find You?
But As the thunder rolls
       I barely hear Your whisper through the rain
"I'm with you!"     And as Your mercy falls..
I raise my hands and praise the God who gives
                                  And takes away!

And I'll praise You in this storm
                       And I will lift my hands...
   For You are who You are
           No matter where I am!
               And every tear I've cried,
You hold in Your hand!
      You never left my side..
And though my heart is torn,
       I will praise You in this storm!

Sunday, November 6


Muted creaking:
     A door slowly opening.
              I pause.
Unsure of what I'm stiffly waiting for..
         My vision blurs.
             My heartbeat,
         Echoing off those well-known cement walls,
                                         Finally Clatters to a halt on the cold empty floor.

A heavy hush,
                    The Silence whispers a faint familiar lullaby in my ear
                           "Remember Me?"

Violent Waves,
          A crashing Tossing Tide of frothing memories,
                               Almost pulling me under.
                                   Grasping for something to hold onto,
Grabbing at Empty spaces.
   Vehement Undercurrents of Nostalgia
                           Convincingly, Pulling,
 A tinge of BitterSweet lingers in the air
                         Coating my Tongue.
      suffocating me.
          Tumbling through my detached body.

        Dripping softly...
     My hand silently grazes the droplets off my face. 

An old friend, tugging on my arm
                                                        "Please!   Don't Forget...   "
Leaving me breathless,
    Wishing to never leave.
                   Just to Remember...   Forever...

Hey guys;)
Yesterday I revisited the place where i spent half of my life,
My old school. I opened one of the doors, and the smell came whooshing at me,
And it made me remember. Like yesterday.
So many memories, so many old familiar smells...  
It was quite nostalgic.
I had to tell you about it.
I had to let you feel it with me.

Tuesday, November 1

Just out of Reach

       i seem to be living,
But somewhere else. Where noone else exists.
                 It's just...
  A distant tide
                    tickles close to my toes...
tugs at them softly than glides away waving at me. 
                         "catch me if you can"  it whispers...
Distant daydreams pull me away from reality
                     A blue jay flitting before my frosty gaze
         I'm floating...                             lost in a song that nobody else seems to know..
                 eyes wide.      unSeeing...
           A ballroom of dancing dreams
                                              Twist and sway
                        Before my eyelids..
     twinges of remembrance,
                               A memory.             
                                         it twinkles just out of grasp, and teases me fluttering closer..
                                                                                                                                 Darts away.
  Enchanted Evenings                         
                   and early morning memories,  waking up to the smell of make-believe.
                                          wispy hints of the day before. 
                                  Hovering.... just above my starstruck vision
                                                             Nudging me awake.
  Telling me a story that i almost wonder..
                                                     If I've heard      Before..
                                                               ..Once upon Time..     

                 ....But then again....
                              Maybe I'm Just a Dreamer.