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Friday, August 28

Twilight and Moonshine

I found my joy when the sky swept down and carried me up beside the stars,
in its soft arms of milky twilight and moonshine...
and saved me from the monsters in my head.

In the midst of my pain I found comfort up there, and felt like I had finally found a friend.
We hugged as the light poured in and the stars fell asleep for the day...
We laughed and we shared a sigh that made us feel less alone...

Me and the sky became friends that night, 
and though we'd met before we never knew that we were meant to be best friends.

Starry Explosions and Stardust surround...
our secretive silent retreat...
A trickle of twilight sweeps over the sky...
bathing the world in blue...
A whisper of wind turned the leaves upside down...
and tickled the back of my neck,
It silently sent me a sweet serenade...
and invited me up to a sparkly parade.

The clouds tinged in purple exploded in color and rainbow-like sprinkles rained down on our heads...
A lilting expression of wonder and wishes was brushing our faces with delicate kisses.
And we sat there in silence 'til morning came home and melted the starlight away,
and then we slowly stood up, said our good-byes and promised to write...
We never forgot our most wonderful day.

Monday, June 8

New Blog...

Hey!!! sorry to disappoint, no interesting poetic stuff to post right now. (BOOOOOO!)(I know)  So sorry!! :P

I have another blog that I've started to frequent, besides this one...
I just wanted to say it here in case any of you that are interested in housewifey rambles, daily drops of life, random inspiration, or whatever strikes my fancy to write, can find it. Coolio!

Raindrop Daydreams

Thursday, June 4

To those who havn't forgotten...

“The world calls them singers and poets and artists and storytellers; but they are just people who have never forgotten the way to fairyland.”
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Monday, May 25

Paris Ponderings

Here is a random little school-day-esque composition writing I whipped up... :)

I'm sitting in a Parisian café.
The dainty little peal of a bell perched on the nose of a cute little bicycle startles me from my reverie...
A faint fragrant stream of heaven tickles my nose and reminds me of the chocolate glazed croissant making its way towards me on the platter of a little French girl with black shiny curls. She nearly trips on my grey messenger bag that was peeking out from where I had abruptly plopped it partially underneath the little round table. I quickly apologized and she grinned and popped the plate on the table in front of me. Warm wafts wiggled their way inside my nose and I closed my eyes and take a slow bite of the pure sweet chocolaty goodness. Silky layers of simpering curls steam up from my hot tea... what a way to end the day.
The slowly fading light outside reminds me of home. Home where we were outside drawing hearts with sidewalk chalk as the sun went down and the light fled from the country sky. Home where there was always a warm bed to crawl into and when I was safely tucked in I got a goodnight kiss and a soft "I Love You" before the door closed.
Lost in thought I sipped my tea slowly as it cooled down. Out the window, the dusky sky was lit with elegant lampposts lining the cobblestone street. The afternoon rush settled to a quiet lilac-scented evening with sunset stripes not quite faded from the sky... I picked up my bag and with a long contented sigh stood up and opened the door of the café. the bell dinged a cheerful "goodnight!" and I smiled to myself and made my way through the enchanted streets to the stairs up to my apartment balcony.

So.... this is what I wish I was doing. :) I hope you enjoyed this random little blurb that I quickly typed out for you!!! I didn't even read it after I wrote it so who knows if it made any sense...  See you soon!!:) <3

Wednesday, January 7


"A year of Thunder and wonder. a year of beginnings and of ends. a year of friends and love. a year of family and new family. another year of wandering upon the earth in search of truth and happiness.

We humans are funny things. Year after year. day after day. struggling to stay afloat. stressing, laughing, sharing, worrying, resting, sharing, smiling and frowning.

It is so unnecessary to get stuck in a rut with so many beautiful things around us, but sometimes we do anyway. Sometimes we do it without realizing it. "

Words i typed on January 1st. The first day of the latest year of our existence... maybe even the best year of our lives yet, it all depends on what we do with our lives this year.

Time flies and feelings change, people grow older and leaves fall and are replaced by new leaves; babies learn to walk and talk and just in the blink of an eye they are little individuals with feelings and hurts and joys and personalities. Seasons change and so do our minds and so do our lives.

Change scares me sometimes, but change and time is sometimes the whole reason that Happiness comes to us and life blooms and love grows.

Feeling thankful. ♡♡♡