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Tuesday, October 30

It's Time. HELP me out please??? o_o (puppy dog eyes)

I'm sick of being uninspired.
It's time for me to wake up.

I don't know if I'm alone in this, but even tho i really Love blogging,  It's hard to put it at the top of my priorities when I can convince myself that nobody notices if I don't post anyhow.
Every comment I get  inspires me and gives me hope and makes me WANT to inspire You as an audience, and share with you my thoughts and words.
But I have to say, as a hypocrite, that doesn't mean I take time to do the same! Which I'm going to try to CHANGE , now! *crosses fingers*
I have an Idea; Will You guys comment and request A topic, Type of post, Whatever comes to you? Anything to give me ideas, inspire me, give me hope, whatever.

I've been thinking of doing a question and answer blog post, the questions coming from YOU. As many questions  as you can think of, doesn't matter what about, I'll try and answer.

My only problem is that I'm gonna need You to comment.

So.... COMMENT PLEASE????!! :):)
(no obligations! ;) *snort!*)

Thursday, October 18

Questions and Answers and that sort of Stuffff...

Here is but another question and answer blog;) I dunno if you like these.... But here it is. Rachel from Mismatched Socks and JoLynn from Purple Pebbles asked me some questions. And I'm gonna answer the easiest ones from both of theirs and not do the rest of the tag Lol :D sorry!! I've done so many of these but I do love a questionnaire...

 Sparkle or Shine? Sparkle!! *o*  If you had the chance to go anywhere on earth, where would it be? Paris, Ireland, Bahamas, or Hawaii... Id have to pick one out of a hat.;)   Which is cuter, Penguins? or Panda bears? Penguins! tuxedos...*swoon*
   Would you rather live in the City or the country? country! Freeeedom;) But I'd like to live in the city sometime just for adventure sake.What's your middle name? Stephanie
 Airplanes or boats? BOats!!!! :) airplanes come in a close second.
Have you ever been to Missouri?
Never!  Where was the last place you met someone new? At Lance and Reb's wedding

  what is your favorite kind of food? CHineeeeese! and every other kind.
  why did the chicken cross the road? really? To be the butt of the joke
  the most exciting thing you have ever done is? Xtreme Skyflyer (Canada's largest free-fall swing) at Canada's Wonderland..!!! THUMBS UP!!
  whats the first thing you think of when someone screams OMGOODNESS NOOOOO! rolling my eyes:)
spiders or snakes? neither/either.
  what is one thing that should be banned from this earth? grudges
  what is the biggest and best thing in your life that you are looking forward to at this present moment?  Haiti is in my future hopes and dreams...
  given the chance, what person would you be with for a day? dead or alive that is :) I'd have to say Jesus.
11 Random things about me?
1. If i like something really much, chances are sooner than later I will smell it obsessive-compulsively for undeterminable amounts of time. 
2. I put 4 spoonfuls of sugar in my hot tea.
3. I can make my eyeballs jump creepily.
4. I LOVE RAIN. When It rains, I'll get ansy to get home from work so I can put on my slippers, drink hot tea, and sit outside. To breathe in the rain scent and write.
5. I wear contacts.
6.At the moment i have an unhealthy fascination with pastels.
7. Sometimes i get deleriously Happy.
8. When i laugh i lose all my strength and control of myself. True story.
9. I have a intense fascination with accents.
10. I plug my ears and close my eyes when something happens that I don't like.
11. I reeeeeally kindof wanna be a pirate when I grow up.:D

Thursday, October 11

Thursday, October 4


Ohh! How I have missed BLogging!! I sit here and breathe it in like an old familiar scent. Ahhh. :)
Anyways. Excuse me while I blabber for awhile.
 My September was MAGNIFICIENT!!!
On the 4th  I got on an airplane in Toronto and flew 81/2 hours over the ocean to the lovely land of Ukraine.
I lived with Amber, who You may know as Rainbow Smudge, and her splendid family for 3 weeks. And we had a crazy, amazing, awesome, spectacular, memory-filled time. ;) Made new friends and went on hair-raising adventures. :D It was AWE-SOME!
I got home on the 25th, 5 days before my Cousin's wedding. The jet lag was Lovely. ;)
I just noticed now that while I was off being a world traveller I missed my First blogoversary! Hum de dum! Lets celebrate!!
I can't believe Its been a year. So much has happened since than and Its been a crazy Ride!
This next year I'm going to try to keep blogging among my top 30 priorities. So let's see how that turns out.:D  I am open to reminders. ;)

Now i feel like answering some cute questions I saw on afew of the blogs that i follow... ......GO!
  (The words I typed are in reference to how i feel, not what resembles me:D Just making that clear....)
If I were a gemstone:Id be a pearl. 
If I were a scent: I'd be the smell of rain
If I were a pair of shoes: I'd be high heeled pirate boots.  girly AND scary:D
If I were the weather: I'd be a fresh, bright, rainbow-filled, and mist swirled.
If I were a facial expression: I'd be a goofy ear to ear grin
If I were a car: I'd be a ......um.... okay i wouldn't be a car. I'd be one of those hippie vans that are huge and  pastel colored and awesome;D
If I were a time of day: I'd be 10 P.M, when the evening is just beginning.;)
If I were a month: I'd be September
If I were a place: I'd be a cute little coffee shop in the middle of winter.
If I were a liquid: I'd be maple tea.
If I were a taste: I'd be chocolate;)
If I were a sea animal: I'd be a charming shark;D
If I were a food: I'd be a cinnamon roll;)
If I were a color: I'd be A vintage color. Like lilac or light blueish green...
If I were a musical instrument: I'd be bagpipes:D
If I were a flower: I'd be baby's breath.
If I were a song: I'd be a song of happiness mixed with laughing.
If I were a planet: I'd be Pluto. Ignored but unforgettable;P
If I were an object: I'd be a glint in your eye
If I were a fruit: I'd be a raspberry
If I were a sound: I'd be a giggle
If I were a day of the week: I'd be Saturday.

 Random. I love blogging. :) Hope you guys are having the best day EVerrr.