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Friday, August 24

The Struggle

"   "In a world that’s still trembling in the wake of the fall, 
   our hearts are desperate for hope.
   They’re hungry for freedom.
   They’re longing for redemption.
   And here’s the good news.
   In Christ, we have all three."

We may not have answers to our questions, but we do have promises for our souls.
And the promises of God are twofold.
We are free to struggle, and we’re also not struggling to be free.
Our desire is that listeners will walk away with both of these truths still ringing in their ears and burning in their hearts.
We are free to fail because there’s an ocean of grace that we fall into.
But also, we have the promise of a power so strong that it raised Christ Himself, and so we know that, mystery of mysteries, we’re also not struggling to be free.
Imagine if we believed these things so strongly that we too gave grace to those tangled in their struggles while still calling them to the promise that they can be set free from them?

We’re in this thing together. Some fighting the waves, some breaking backs against the oars, some just trying to hold on. But one thing we know, we have each other, and most importantly, we have Christ.
And though it seems like He may have forsaken us, that He’s forgotten us, we need only look to the scars in His hands to remember He too entered the storm. He calmed the seas we could not calm. He broke the chains we could not break.
So wherever you are, whatever struggle you’re walking through, know that you’re not alone, and there’s grace, every step along the way."
- Mike Donehey

Wednesday, August 22


SO. I feel like a straaaanger to this faintly familiar idea of typing out words for other people to read for fun.......
Or whatever...

OH. My WORD. I am going to UKRAINE! To visit Amberlynn!!!!!!!!!  Finally... after only about 3 YEARs of wishing and dreaming, its happening!!! Small (and by small i mean HUUUUMONGOUS) happiness in me  right now! Oh how my heart bursts with sparkles of over-joyed-ness. :) :) :)

Okay. Caaaalm down. Breathe. In out. in out.
Shhh. :)

I'm really tired. My life has been a crazy insane wonderful rocky rollercoaster.I have nottt been keeping up with blogging but it's been absolutely CRAY. so .... I trust you will excuse the lack. ;)  Approximately at least 3 weddings are happening in the next few months...so Maybe when winter starts life will calm down. HAH. :) Maybe.

My Heart is happy and even tho some days seem despondant and horrid, There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Hope lingers.... 

Let me tell you, I must be getting off to bed. My next month or two is laughing at me already. :) 

wishing Peace and Joy to every one of you...