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Tuesday, April 30

a whisper of spring

painting by the lovely talented Amberlynn at Rainbow Smudge

Wavelets of light, 
                   splintering through my secret reverie.

Slanting rays tug my wandering imagination to the sky... 
                                        Swirling and twirling 
                                                                       through cotton candy clouds...
Feathers brush my skin and pull my arms out for flight.

My eyes      drift shut.

I don't see anymore; 
     I feel.
          I sense....  
                  I breathe.  

                                 It tastes like Joy filling my lungs, tinged softly and sweetly with hope.
      Inhaling liquid sunshine

Whisps and tinges of fluid overwhelming warmth.
         Dollops of rainbow 

                                  twirl around me, 

The Happy blurs my vision.

Laughter echoes with the breeze.Raindrops tickle my nose, and i watch a giggle 
                                                                                   dart away.

a whisper, 
             spring touches my smile.



*  *

Painting by Amberlynn .

"Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there." 

Wednesday, April 17

You crazy life, You!

.....I do realize this is the first time I've talked to you, here, since last year. :) 
I'm not sure if that's good or bad yet.  *blush*

You have blown my Mind. 

In so many ways, this has been the most up and down, wonderful, indescribable year of my life. 
Absolutely crazy and mindboggling and .... * exhales and shakes head* just.... what a ride.
I hope you all still remember me. :) 

I have gone to Manitoba and to Florida. Both of which were ABSOLUTELY unforgettable. Completely monumental. I have a PASSION for Travelling. I want to go back to Haiti soon... And hope to go many other places in my life. Iv been to all ends of North America, But other than that just Ukraine and Haiti. 

Wanderlust has me by the heart.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this ramble. Its been so long since I've just sat here and typed, the clacking of the keys soothing my frazzled brain. 

Im longing for summer with every inch of my being. Homesick for balmy nights and magical moments.  

God is a very very special part of my life. He has been working with me and teaching and instructing me in so many ways, and yet more than ever i feel so small and scared. I let go of His hand only to start drowning, and over and over, He patiently and quietly pulls me out of the swirling mass of hopelessness. He has given me So Much
I feel like I am barely dipping my toes into the edge of the waves of His majesty.
I have so many reasons to smile, so many reasons to live in absolute JOY and Happiness!! He has blessed me so Richly. And I will never ever be able to explain to you how it amazes me. 

I don't know what this year will hold for me, but I have faith it will be for the Best. Life is a once in a life-time experience, and every minute you worry or be sad is 60 seconds of Joy you missed out on!! 
Oh how i wish for my thoughts to spill forth onto this blank screen like I imagine they could... 
I want to start writing again. Like i used to be able to. Every now and then i get a little glimpse of inspiration and of hope that I can do that. I wonder where my ability went to. But I will keep trying. Writing is therapy for me, But for the last very long time I've been just keeping the stress and emotions and thoughts inside.
I will pray for the continuous outpouring of ink to happen, on my poor overloaded brains behalf. :) 
I hope to be more present here. Who knows what the future will hold. :) 

How I've missed You all:)

I wish you all HOPE and happiness:) Breathe in the intoxicating scent of this Precious Life before... before you're watching it leave a memory.

<3 from, a dreamer