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Tuesday, April 30

a whisper of spring

painting by the lovely talented Amberlynn at Rainbow Smudge

Wavelets of light, 
                   splintering through my secret reverie.

Slanting rays tug my wandering imagination to the sky... 
                                        Swirling and twirling 
                                                                       through cotton candy clouds...
Feathers brush my skin and pull my arms out for flight.

My eyes      drift shut.

I don't see anymore; 
     I feel.
          I sense....  
                  I breathe.  

                                 It tastes like Joy filling my lungs, tinged softly and sweetly with hope.
      Inhaling liquid sunshine

Whisps and tinges of fluid overwhelming warmth.
         Dollops of rainbow 

                                  twirl around me, 

The Happy blurs my vision.

Laughter echoes with the breeze.Raindrops tickle my nose, and i watch a giggle 
                                                                                   dart away.

a whisper, 
             spring touches my smile.



*  *

Painting by Amberlynn .

"Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there."