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Tuesday, November 1

Just out of Reach

       i seem to be living,
But somewhere else. Where noone else exists.
                 It's just...
  A distant tide
                    tickles close to my toes...
tugs at them softly than glides away waving at me. 
                         "catch me if you can"  it whispers...
Distant daydreams pull me away from reality
                     A blue jay flitting before my frosty gaze
         I'm floating...                             lost in a song that nobody else seems to know..
                 eyes wide.      unSeeing...
           A ballroom of dancing dreams
                                              Twist and sway
                        Before my eyelids..
     twinges of remembrance,
                               A memory.             
                                         it twinkles just out of grasp, and teases me fluttering closer..
                                                                                                                                 Darts away.
  Enchanted Evenings                         
                   and early morning memories,  waking up to the smell of make-believe.
                                          wispy hints of the day before. 
                                  Hovering.... just above my starstruck vision
                                                             Nudging me awake.
  Telling me a story that i almost wonder..
                                                     If I've heard      Before..
                                                               ..Once upon Time..     

                 ....But then again....
                              Maybe I'm Just a Dreamer.


  1. wow, can feel evry moment v it :) love how th words flow together :) its totally AWESOME, thanx!

  2. That's awesome! U shud definitely make a career of writing poetry!

  3. Absolutely stunning! I especially love the "ballroom of dancing dreams" and "waking up to the smell of make-believe."

  4. You guys are Awesome. :D You have no idea how you all just made my week... I sit here grinning ear to ear, epitome of idiotic looking, just cos im so happy. so THANKS! :)

  5. kate.... wow! thats absolutely incredibly osm! :) gotta agree wit all the above... :) thanx for sharing with us!

  6. Thanks jo once again;)
    Yep Brent.. I did actually... lol.

  7. woa, that's so beautiful. you are a great poet

  8. Thanks, Anonymous and Reanne;)
    Means alot.

  9. Magical, lovely, awesome!!
    u r really good!!
    -Starz* from www.heavenboundbeauties.blogspot.com


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