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Tuesday, March 6

LAtE NiGHt mUsiNGzzzzzzz

\\\\I wish i had money\\\I wish going places(Ukraine&Haiti) didn't cost money\\\\Age isn't coming very fast\\\\age is coming too fast\\\\age is relative\\\\Sometimes life is cRAAAaaazeY\\\\\\I have the BEst. Best. BESt. Friends and youth group in Da WOORLddD!!(mhmm!:):)Don't even try and argue!) \\\\\Im tired\\\\I like people\\\\People are weird\\\\Why is it so late?\\\\\\\\I need to go do the dishes\\\\Yes its after 12:30\\This is a strange post\\\\This font is large\\\\i don't care\\\*shrugs*\\\I wonder who invented shrugging\\\\*contemplative sleepy gaze*\\\\*YAWNN*\\\Goodnight world;)

P.S. I think alot.


  1. Goodnight! Haha, it's 5 pm here. :)

  2. Hah! Lucky you:D I realize procrastinate too much. Too too... much.

  3. Lol! i love posts like this ^_^
    i seriously wish going places wasn't so expensive!! xD


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