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Monday, March 19

the Quiet.

''Where does it go to
After it darts out of reach of our outstretched Fingertips?''

I get alot of time to think, Driving by myself at night. After the partys over and friends have said farewell for the night, and leave to go to their own cozy little niches to rest up for the next day....
I drive home. in Quiet-ness.

I realize that explaining it like this that you will wonder if I don't quite enjoy it...
I do.
Except for the times that it seems that the Dark Quiet will swallow my susceptible little soul.

Why must Time happen?

Feelings Blur....
Memories fade.

That Sureness I felt once
Of knowing So Strongly that this was "How it is",
That these Feelings aren't going to change...
It seems to Sneak away
         ...when you aren't even paying attention.

And I'm here left with a puzzle piece that didn't fit where I once thought It was supposed to be.

Does my human brain even Realize...
         How fragile time is?

Sometimes I feel like I get a little glimpse.
A haunting referal...
           Confusion knocking convincingly at the easily shattered glass window...
I'm falling, but in slow motion.
I watch as the world keeps on going
                               As i'm slowly drifting in an endless airless tunnel.
SLowly everything comes together above me.
A puzzle's worth of pieces drifting towards eachother, and
suddenly everything makes sense.

Maybe some day... when I'm done being a easily confused teenager
Everything will fall into place and I'll Get it.

Then again....
Maybe I'm just a Dreamer...


  1. beautifully written, and i know JUST how you feel<3

  2. <3 this is beautiful. :)
    I know how you feel too. <3

  3. Hey..In all seriousness, Thankyou Guys. I felt like i wasnt saying it properly or sufficiently but now I feel relieved. Lol.:) <3

  4. mmmmm kate! I loves loves loves! :) this is so my lyf....

  5. time... puzzle pieces of knowledge... and questions... I love quiet

  6. Hi! *waves* I don't know if you do tags or not, but I tagged you on my blog, so if you'd like to take a look, just hop on over. :)


  7. HI!! :) I did it! Thanks for the tag. ;D It was fun.


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