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Wednesday, December 14

happy drafts from long ago:)

giggling breezes brush my wayward eyelids with kisses of sweet delights...

a baby runaway wisp of wind grabs my hair and tugs at it, laughing at me.

grins tint my face a shade of awe the sky only dares to whisper secrets about....

lilting praises of the birds take my heart along for the ride;



through endless loops of eternal blue... 

love tinted eyes with edges crinkled from special smiles
 telling a quiet mysterious fairytale that only those who look close can catch a glimpse of...

inside those lovely lenses is a world 
where roses float from the sky
and shower the world with sweet scented daydreams... 

candies grow like pastel flowers and
walls and hills are painted in 
picturesque panoramas
 that some people can see and others don't know exist,
 Like a secret of secrets...
 the ones who understand sneak glances
 at each others countenances just in hopes of catching
a telltale glint of awe,
a flicker of knowing...

 they whisper quietly with their eyes and
 tell each other fairy tales about beautiful things.

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