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Sunday, March 4

Little Funnies:)

My littlest Brother had named his cat "Stick".  Apparently, today He thought it wasn't appropriate anymore. Maybe It was just time to move on.

Stick has now upgraded to "Branch".


  1. hahahaha! that is adorable!!

  2. Bahahaa, that is awesome. Branch is one rockin' name for a cat.

  3. Thanks:D He is a crazy one.
    The other day He was like, "Now I know why the cats always want to run inside when we open the door. Its cos they know we have fuzzy blankets! Because today Branch got in and ran strait for my fuzzy blanket. And i stood there and called her name like A HUNDRED TIMES and she just wouldn't even leave the blanket."

    Somehow the image of a little boy repeatedly yelling the word "BRANCH" at a blanket and a cat thats supposedly taking advantage of us and just wanting the fuzzy blankets Cracks me up.:D Muchos entertainment.

  4. lol!!!:D aah ethan and his crazyness:D kids are osm!

  5. Oh my gosh! that is SO cute!!!! My littlest brother's name is Ethan too!!! How old is your bro? mine is barely 4. (LOVE that age!!!)

  6. He just turned 6.:) Aww 4 Is a good time:D Kids are awesome.


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