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Thursday, December 22

dEtaiLs 0f BEauTy.

Hey Guys...;)
Hope you all had the Best, Most wonderful Christmas ever!!! I know I did...
We had a Green Christmas. So it didn't really feel like Christmas that much.. Just an ordinary day with an extraordinary History.
Its snowed alll day today tho, and its been absolutely Magical and Wonder striking!!
The backyard turned into a snow globe... swirls, twists, dives of the puffs of snowflakeness.... AWEsome. :)
Today I Made snow angels and owl snow sculptures and stuff.
So my holidays are mostly gorging myself with DELICIOUS food repeatedly until i feel sick and being with family, which are both the best things ever.;)

I don't have anything else right now, so I'm just gonna put some wintry pictures i found...  Hope you like.;)

Tuesday, December 20

Is It Christmas?


...but soooon ;D.....
(i click my heels in happiness.)

Thursday, December 8


It's becoming WInter!!!!!
The thought fills me with excitement and hyperventilation,
As far as actual snow, so far its been pretty pitiful,
but Hey there's still time to get some good snowing done before Christmas!
But theres small patches of whiteness...
Something about waking up, and beholding the Winter Wonderland
outside of your window.
My breath hitches at the pure White fantasy that its become overnight.
I want to go roll around in it.
My inner canine coming out I suppose...:)

So What do you guys think about winter and snow and Christmas????
Do you Love it too?! :D
((super hyper, energetically waiting for responses...))

Friday, December 2

REAL Hunger

When Christ said: "I was hungry and you fed me," he didn't mean only the hunger for bread and for food; he also meant the hunger to be loved. Jesus himself experienced this loneliness. He came amongst his own and his own received him not, and it hurt him then and it has kept on hurting him. The same hunger, the same loneliness, the same having no one to be accepted by and to be loved and wanted by. Every human being in that case resembles Christ in his loneliness; and that is the hardest part, that's real hunger.