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Wednesday, December 12

You ask, I answer. Question time!!!:)

The Day is HERE! Life is busier than Ever, and I thought, Why not have a question and answer post!!! That is completely irrelevant, I realize now.
Attention Dreamers! (I don't know why I haven't thought of naming you before! You deserve a name, not just "Guys" ... eh?! I apologize for past references and hope you can forgive!)
Dreamers!!! Ask and you will receive..answers...from me :) :)
Now all i need is questions.

You can....
Ask if I have ever dreamt about ...... people throwing clocks at me. ( That would have to be a yes..o_o)  *awkward cough*    Or my latest awkward moment.
Or how Old I am or what color my hair is or what my opinion is about something.
I don't Care.

You have til Sunday to ask away! I'll do an "Answers" post on Monday, I promise, I think. :D

13 question per person Limit. 
Lol. Jk.


  1. *gleeful chuckle* Yes!! I would love to ask you questions!!
    1. What defines true art in your mind? Are all creative things or ideas art?
    2. What is your greatest fear?
    3. What are some of your favorite books? (I am in need of some good reads. And I am assuming you like to read. I can't remember if you've mentioned that fact before or not...)

    And I thank you very much for your answers in advance! I will check back on Monday:)

  2. hey i'm kina new here but have been reading your blog and others as well..Love it and keep writing always..and ya i'll ask some questions..
    #1. and where are you from? formal question i know..
    #2. your fave subject in school was..creative writing?:) mine too..
    #3. is life fair?
    #4. and why does it seem like it isn't always?
    and last question for now...#5. what are some of your fave foods? recipes? yep, i always need ideas of what to make!! k bye for now..

  3. Greetings, Head Dreamer!
    We all know it's not polite to ask a lady her age or weight so I won't! On the other hand, what are the two questions that you shouldn't ask a gentleman?? Megan D. already asked food questions but what's your favorite meal in the whole world (dessert and all)? How about your favorite food to make? Say something about the pros and cons of peer pressure.
    Thanks for even considering these questions! :P


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