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Wednesday, December 14

happy drafts from long ago:)

giggling breezes brush my wayward eyelids with kisses of sweet delights...

a baby runaway wisp of wind grabs my hair and tugs at it, laughing at me.

grins tint my face a shade of awe the sky only dares to whisper secrets about....

lilting praises of the birds take my heart along for the ride;



through endless loops of eternal blue... 

love tinted eyes with edges crinkled from special smiles
 telling a quiet mysterious fairytale that only those who look close can catch a glimpse of...

inside those lovely lenses is a world 
where roses float from the sky
and shower the world with sweet scented daydreams... 

candies grow like pastel flowers and
walls and hills are painted in 
picturesque panoramas
 that some people can see and others don't know exist,
 Like a secret of secrets...
 the ones who understand sneak glances
 at each others countenances just in hopes of catching
a telltale glint of awe,
a flicker of knowing...

 they whisper quietly with their eyes and
 tell each other fairy tales about beautiful things.

Friday, August 28

Twilight and Moonshine

I found my joy when the sky swept down and carried me up beside the stars,
in its soft arms of milky twilight and moonshine...
and saved me from the monsters in my head.

In the midst of my pain I found comfort up there, and felt like I had finally found a friend.
We hugged as the light poured in and the stars fell asleep for the day...
We laughed and we shared a sigh that made us feel less alone...

Me and the sky became friends that night, 
and though we'd met before we never knew that we were meant to be best friends.

Starry Explosions and Stardust surround...
our secretive silent retreat...
A trickle of twilight sweeps over the sky...
bathing the world in blue...
A whisper of wind turned the leaves upside down...
and tickled the back of my neck,
It silently sent me a sweet serenade...
and invited me up to a sparkly parade.

The clouds tinged in purple exploded in color and rainbow-like sprinkles rained down on our heads...
A lilting expression of wonder and wishes was brushing our faces with delicate kisses.
And we sat there in silence 'til morning came home and melted the starlight away,
and then we slowly stood up, said our good-byes and promised to write...
We never forgot our most wonderful day.

Monday, June 8

New Blog...

Hey!!! sorry to disappoint, no interesting poetic stuff to post right now. (BOOOOOO!)(I know)  So sorry!! :P

I have another blog that I've started to frequent, besides this one...
I just wanted to say it here in case any of you that are interested in housewifey rambles, daily drops of life, random inspiration, or whatever strikes my fancy to write, can find it. Coolio!

Raindrop Daydreams

Thursday, June 4

To those who havn't forgotten...

“The world calls them singers and poets and artists and storytellers; but they are just people who have never forgotten the way to fairyland.”
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Monday, May 25

Paris Ponderings

Here is a random little school-day-esque composition writing I whipped up... :)

I'm sitting in a Parisian café.
The dainty little peal of a bell perched on the nose of a cute little bicycle startles me from my reverie...
A faint fragrant stream of heaven tickles my nose and reminds me of the chocolate glazed croissant making its way towards me on the platter of a little French girl with black shiny curls. She nearly trips on my grey messenger bag that was peeking out from where I had abruptly plopped it partially underneath the little round table. I quickly apologized and she grinned and popped the plate on the table in front of me. Warm wafts wiggled their way inside my nose and I closed my eyes and take a slow bite of the pure sweet chocolaty goodness. Silky layers of simpering curls steam up from my hot tea... what a way to end the day.
The slowly fading light outside reminds me of home. Home where we were outside drawing hearts with sidewalk chalk as the sun went down and the light fled from the country sky. Home where there was always a warm bed to crawl into and when I was safely tucked in I got a goodnight kiss and a soft "I Love You" before the door closed.
Lost in thought I sipped my tea slowly as it cooled down. Out the window, the dusky sky was lit with elegant lampposts lining the cobblestone street. The afternoon rush settled to a quiet lilac-scented evening with sunset stripes not quite faded from the sky... I picked up my bag and with a long contented sigh stood up and opened the door of the café. the bell dinged a cheerful "goodnight!" and I smiled to myself and made my way through the enchanted streets to the stairs up to my apartment balcony.

So.... this is what I wish I was doing. :) I hope you enjoyed this random little blurb that I quickly typed out for you!!! I didn't even read it after I wrote it so who knows if it made any sense...  See you soon!!:) <3

Wednesday, January 7


"A year of Thunder and wonder. a year of beginnings and of ends. a year of friends and love. a year of family and new family. another year of wandering upon the earth in search of truth and happiness.

We humans are funny things. Year after year. day after day. struggling to stay afloat. stressing, laughing, sharing, worrying, resting, sharing, smiling and frowning.

It is so unnecessary to get stuck in a rut with so many beautiful things around us, but sometimes we do anyway. Sometimes we do it without realizing it. "

Words i typed on January 1st. The first day of the latest year of our existence... maybe even the best year of our lives yet, it all depends on what we do with our lives this year.

Time flies and feelings change, people grow older and leaves fall and are replaced by new leaves; babies learn to walk and talk and just in the blink of an eye they are little individuals with feelings and hurts and joys and personalities. Seasons change and so do our minds and so do our lives.

Change scares me sometimes, but change and time is sometimes the whole reason that Happiness comes to us and life blooms and love grows.

Feeling thankful. ♡♡♡

Thursday, October 2

The story of me

Once upon a time, a long time ago there was a girl who loved magical thoughts and spent hours making wonderful imagination dances embed themselves onto the crisp pages of her notebook. Her heart was full of light and laughter and thousands of secret little love notes about one special someone with pretty blue eyes. One day all her dreams came true and he asked her if she would please spend the rest of her life with him. She said YES!!! They planned a dreamy little storybook wedding and a few short months later the special day arrived. She woke up that morning to a new life-changing love-filled chapter of her life. She moved into the tiny little light blue house, and she loved it and made it into a lovely little nest for them to live in. This new life was a very big change for her! She suddenly had a whole new smorgasbord of things to worry about like things called bills and keeping her tiny house clean and happy(which wasn't her strong point plus it wasn't quite as easy breezy as she had imagined). The boy made her very happy indeed, and though everything was crazy and new, it was fun. Caught up in the busyness, she almost forgot about the imaginary word dances she used to dream up. When she did remember, it seemed harder to think them up when her brain was always whirling and whisking and bopping about in her head. She had learned many things about herself and about life. She noticed that the daydreams she had when she relaxed nowadays had become somewhat different. It seemed bittersweet when she thought of it. Time passed and she slowly stopped feeling so confused at why she couldn't write anymore. She knew new chapters changed things, and she was so happy about everything else that she couldn't find too much time to be sad about the words. She sometimes missed them but she knew they would slowly come back and that perhaps she would know them differently than she had before. She smiled at the thought, picked up her hot tea, and took a long happy sip.
The End.
Hi:) well... this is embarrassing. Do you remember me? * blush*
This is like the old days. I am EXCITED to write to you again!!!
This is what I scribbled up when trying to think of how I felt one day..
Also, I've found some old notebooks and have some writings to share if I get up the nerve.
see you lovelies soon!!!<3

Tuesday, May 27


My name is Kate.
I'm a Dreamer...
a procrastinator,
a hoper...
and a wisher.
I'm in love with Lilacs.
and purple.
and flowers:)

I believe in tea parties and fairies and hopes,
 and dreams
of stone castles with ivy covered walls,

of freedom,
of absolute happiness,
and of Prince Charming ....
of the look in his eyes when I walked up the stairs
the morning of our wedding,
and he stood up,
and time stood still while we forgot to breathe.
...of the moments that we will never forget.
 Of the things that make me feel alive....
tea cups
warm fresh air and the smell of cut grass
the sound of cars outside my window
flowers in my hair
the wind on my face
the earth on my toes
the sun on my face...
I'm a worrier.
I often close my eyes and remind myself to
I believe the secret to having the perfect day
is starting it with God
and living it with Hope.
Make Your life
make the living more vibrant,
the believing more faithful,
the loving more complete.
The pages more filled,
the days more fulfilling
and the life worth living.
Maybe I'm just a dreamer;)
P.S! I love writing to you guys!!! Shame on me about the promised Haiti post that hasn't gotten STARTED! I don't even know where my writings are at the moment. *blush* Im so sorry! But also sick of waiting on myself to write that one and putting off all writing. Eventually I hope to tell you about my time there. Until than, expect spaced posts like usual, no promises anymore lol. thanks for your patience. All of these gorgeous pictures are not my own, but from pinterest!!! Love you all!:)

Wednesday, April 2

NEW POST!!!!!!!

Hello Lovelies;)

I've missed you! I am so Horrified its taken me this long to tell you all about what's been happening to me and I'm SORRY I've been gone so long! So much for every time I promise to try to blog more, HaHa.

2014 has come and its APRIL already! So many crazy and exciting things happened to me this year already...

One January evening, my friend Amber, whom you all know as Rainbow Smudge, and I were talking on the phone and I was sitting on the couch and she WALKS INTO MY HOUSE!!!! I hadn't seen her for a VERY long time and she was supposed to be in Alberta and I was so absolutely shocked that I almost fainted from happiness. :D Best surprise EVER!!! I love that girl so much. :)

March 16th my cousin married a girl from Haiti and we got to go!!! This was SO SO exciting for me and Kris because he had never been away from North America before and I had longed to go back ever since I got home from a visit 3 years ago. We booked tickets along with my family to leave March 13th, stay the night in Miami, and fly into Port Au Prince the next afternoon. My Grandpas live there part-time and them along with most of my Dads family came and picked us up at the steamy airport. The sun was beaming down and it was 31 degrees Celsius when we walked outside and MAN was it good to be back. I teared up a bit. :)
Tell me if you all want a lil story about our time there, cuz I did write the highlights every day just in case.

Guys, I reallllly want to get back into writing like the good old days. I'm not sure if writers block can even actually last as long as it has for me, or if I've not had enough time and relaxation and rainy days to be all Melancholy and writey again.... but whatever it is I HATE it!!!! And its lasted way too long.
Maybe to get inspired il post some old stuff that I wrote long ago and never shared. I dunno.
If you could give me ideas on how to be more inspired to write or what to write about, PLEASE do?!! In the comments of course... I feel like these posts where I just write about my life must be so BORING and lame that nobody even reads them through anymore LOL so if you read this far YAAY you get a prize of ... not sure... If you ever come visit me and my lil house I'll definitely give you a drink or whatever I have available!!!

Anyway... im sorry about the boring epistle but I must go get ready, for when my Prince gets home from work he is taking me out for supper and grocery shopping!!!! Lol! Life rocks.

Seriously, if you took the time out of your life to read this, I am flattered and shocked because, well... that's really something.
I love you!!!

til next time... heres my wise words of the day.

life(this post) is like an octopus, so many... wrongly spelled words and punctuation, at least 8....... or......
 nope that fizzled out. I don't believe I'm making sense anymore...... maybe I'm just a dreamer

Tuesday, December 31

What a Year.

One year ago today, I sat here and wrote this.
Well, not here exactly.
You see, I've moved.
My life has changed so very drastically in one year, as I read that post it felt like... I was reading something I had written much longer ago than one year.  One year ago I had only daydreams and wishes, only imagination and small quiet hope that what has happened to me this past year would ever, EVER happen.
I have forgotten what its like to sit and type words that are bubbling and bursting from somewhere inside of me where magic still exists. I cant explain how it feels, maybe you all have something that makes you feel so free that it makes you wonder if you were made to do it.
I cant figure out why something that makes me wonder such a thing has the power to torment me, trap the words inside of me as I sit and try to write them down, and repeatedly erase the evidence as if scared of saying it the slightest bit wrong. Its like having all these thoughts and feelings and emotions and doubts and hopes inside of you, and you NEED to tell them to a person but you wonder if it even matters how you say it, if they don't have any of the same little spark of magic inside of them too they wont really understand a word. That's what I feel like writing on this blog sometimes. I can see the words but theres no SPARK. These words that I write make sense to me because they are mine, but what if somebody reads this long extensive paragraph with something else on their mind and doesn't feel a word I say? I guess what should that matter to me. :) I write for me, not my readers. I feel unworthy that one person would open my little blog page and read and get it, really Get it.
I read my hopes about 2013... some of them made my heart ache abit, some made me cringe and wish I had tried harder, some made me nod and smile bittersweetly.
and now its gone. One year ago, and it feels like jus last week or yesterday. Time happens. People change, and I have changed. Change scares me, but I've had the most wonderful changes happen to me in the last few months that I could have imagined;)
I now have a dashing husband that I feel more love for than I ever imagined was humanly possible.
I get to go places with him and it feels like an adventure. :)
I now live in a teeny little blue house with him, in a little village across from a little store.
Its adorable. :) Right now im sitting in front of a roaring woodstove with twinkly lights around me and all my favorite colors eating cinnamon hard candy from Christmas time. :)
I have a whole new set of family to celebrate Christmas and Life with including a brand new baby niece that is the cutest thing you ever laid eyes on!
The best day of my life happened this year, September 15th 2013 was the day I married Kris and my whole life changed.
Its been a Wonderful year.:)
Heres to 2014, which we hope is as Special:)


P.S. I promise to write more. Ive missed you.
P.P.S Please hold me to it.