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Thursday, October 2

The story of me

Once upon a time, a long time ago there was a girl who loved magical thoughts and spent hours making wonderful imagination dances embed themselves onto the crisp pages of her notebook. Her heart was full of light and laughter and thousands of secret little love notes about one special someone with pretty blue eyes. One day all her dreams came true and he asked her if she would please spend the rest of her life with him. She said YES!!! They planned a dreamy little storybook wedding and a few short months later the special day arrived. She woke up that morning to a new life-changing love-filled chapter of her life. She moved into the tiny little light blue house, and she loved it and made it into a lovely little nest for them to live in. This new life was a very big change for her! She suddenly had a whole new smorgasbord of things to worry about like things called bills and keeping her tiny house clean and happy(which wasn't her strong point plus it wasn't quite as easy breezy as she had imagined). The boy made her very happy indeed, and though everything was crazy and new, it was fun. Caught up in the busyness, she almost forgot about the imaginary word dances she used to dream up. When she did remember, it seemed harder to think them up when her brain was always whirling and whisking and bopping about in her head. She had learned many things about herself and about life. She noticed that the daydreams she had when she relaxed nowadays had become somewhat different. It seemed bittersweet when she thought of it. Time passed and she slowly stopped feeling so confused at why she couldn't write anymore. She knew new chapters changed things, and she was so happy about everything else that she couldn't find too much time to be sad about the words. She sometimes missed them but she knew they would slowly come back and that perhaps she would know them differently than she had before. She smiled at the thought, picked up her hot tea, and took a long happy sip.
The End.
Hi:) well... this is embarrassing. Do you remember me? * blush*
This is like the old days. I am EXCITED to write to you again!!!
This is what I scribbled up when trying to think of how I felt one day..
Also, I've found some old notebooks and have some writings to share if I get up the nerve.
see you lovelies soon!!!<3


  1. K8! So good to hear from you again! ;) you know, I have also found that when I am being creative in some other way than writing, I don't have that compulsive urge to fill those creative crevices of my soul with words! Happy day to you! ;)

    1. Thanks Sharon!! :) I had never thought of that!

  2. This is perfect. :) I'm so glad to find you again (I used to write a blog called "Enchanted" under the alias Chemdiah...not sure if you remember, but it was awhile ago)

    1. YES! I remember!! that was long ago;) Sorry for the months late reply but I have not been on blogger for that long!! I always was enchanted by your words and the name "Chemdiah" :)


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