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Wednesday, November 21

Heart Hiccups & Happiness

...Smiles from little kids
...giggle moments
...special weekends
...feeling peaceful
...belly laughing for hours on end
...hugs that make your heart expand
 ...inside jokes;)
...late nights
...long drives
...city lights at night
...understanding people
...glow in the dark mini golf
...Christmas songs
...buying gifts for people
...late talks
...God moments
...when I know exactly what somebody is thinking
...feelings that can't be explained in words
...white hot chocolate
...praying with people
...the way my little brothers show me they love me in their own special ways
...comfortable silences
...coldness and warm coffee shops
...special words
...family time
...breathing in cold air
...bundling up
...seeing God working in my life and those around me.
...unexpected surprises
...being content
...charming little people
...the New Testament
...dressing up
 ...seeing a light at the end of the tunnel
...Feeling Loved.

What's on your list of happiness's? :) :)

Friday, November 2

Grace Fest!

Sailor Kate asked me to say some words. Its actually a full blown tag, But I am weak and feeble in my talents at the moment and don't know how to make a picture like she did:D So I'm going to cheat! I'm sorry Sailor!! She suggested, " post about something that blows your mind about Jesus / something that inspires you / the verse that sings your life / etc. Whatever moves you."

Something that Blows my MIND about Jesus? 

What doesn't?!!
I guess... for me it's mostly the fact that He is soo much above me, AND YET... I can't even logically piece together in my little brain the way He feels about me. The fact that He loves me a hundred million times more than I can love any human, just... I can't understand. THAT...is alot of love people.
Another things that absolutely does NOT make sense to me is that when I disobey Him again and again and again, like even when it's the 77th time, when I repent He Still has the same eagerness and compassion to make me free as He did when I first gave my life to Him. THATS CRAZY. In my mind i think, this time Hes gonna punish me. I've done this 334 times now and every single time I KNEW it was wrong. HOW could He STILL BE OKAY WITH LETTING ME OFF THE HOOK?!
But you know, when we sincerely are sorry, He says "I forgive you". And from That moment on, He doesn't even remember it anymore. It's like the past is erased, completely and absolutely with 3 words. THAT, people, is my God. :)

Something that Inspires me?

Everything. Sometimes I look around and its as if I've just taken off a blindfold. Life is Beautiful. And I see God in everything around me, I guess. The smile on my face in the mirror, kind words from people in the mall, The fact that I pray and I see God answering, and even when I pray, and He shows me that I don't need what I was praying for. My friends. I see God working in them. I pray for the people that I love.
Beauty inspires me. And people who believe like me, sunrises and sunsets, songs of praise, the book of Psalms... Getting encouraging emails... Pain inspires me. The miracle of what God has done in my life... Maybe nobody really has any idea what exactly He's all done, But I know. He turned me from a hopeless mess into a Child of His. ;)

Christianity is not a theory or speculation, but a life; not a philosophy of life, but a living presence.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

<3 <3 <3