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Friday, November 25


Hey Guys:)
Long time no post!
Its been almost a month (gasp!!!) and i just wanted to tell you guys that I in fact am NOT dead,
Just insanely busy! Working on a couple of things, so in the next... few weeks we'll say..;) 
I'll be adding some shtuff here.
Real writing can't be forced, but I've started some "things" and maybe the time will
come to finish them up soon, Whoooo knows? ;)

Also, this picture may be one of the most adorable things I've seen all day. 
The Cute may attack you. 
Shield yourselves!!!!

Thanks for your patience;)

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  1. aaaaah! *waves hands frantically to ward of cute* its attacking me!!! too cute!!!!aaah to much cuteness UP IN DA NEIGHBORHOOOD! :D


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