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Sunday, November 27

Early Morning Stillness

Iridescent Purple...
                      A glittering spray of fireflies
                                                            scattered far and wide,
   Before my misty eyes
  They visit Undisturbed.

The sky relaxes...
      Royal Blue Floods the Sky.

     A faint glimmer of light,
             A wishful, winking sun peeking over the edge of my vision.
    Silhouettes and Shadows
come out of hiding,
          Looming shapes
                          Brighten to reveal Frost encased hills..

Streetlights grow weary
                             and slowly simmer into oblivion.

Simpering puddles of sunlight race for the Heavens,
                                        trying to see who can get to the top first.

Telephone poles energetically stretch for the sky,
           sending puffs of feathered fluff
                                                          into the air...

Lacey trees whisper..
                    comforting each other in the Prying stillness

Suburbs lazily blink awake..
                                                                         and get ready for a big day.

I watch in silence,


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