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Saturday, November 12


...Tear stains on an empty page
            Telling the story more beautifully than any words could ever hope to...

A Story of Grief,
                        of Pain.
A chapter of Trying to forget.
Innocence ribboned through the entanglement of a Young precious life.
Whispers of Knowing, 
                        Of being torn;
Telling of a deep empty Hopelessness
           Being buried Alive.

                         A Love Revealed!
                                           A Glorious, Wonderful Light,
                                                         Illuminating the deepest shadows hiding in the corners.
                  Oh How I could not even Tell you!!

And Peace.
 It took my breath away.

A story of total security,
Nestled in the arms of The Maker Himself.
The Wonder escapes my explanation!
The Love in His eyes
                as He Tenderly Held the very Zane of His existence.
The silent message of Absolute Acceptance.
The Whispers of Hope that echoed throughout the little room..

I Knew I would Never forget...

A Mighty, Crashing Waterfall of Peace.
I felt It Abrasively Removing the layers of dust that for so long I had neglected
Until Nothing Remained.
Stripped Free of everything that once I had used to Hide behind;
I Stood
In being so Loved,
                      My Unworthiness Revealed.
Because of Grace,
                   UnFathomable Grace...
                                       I Now Know Freedom.

Dedicated to Amberlynn.


  1. i couldn't find words but you did:') its beautiful and told perfectly!thank you...cant stop re-reading it!love you my friend <3

  2. Your words helped me find my words. I love You;)

  3. ...This is soooo beautiful! (I'm a huge Owl City fan; found your blog via OC blog, hope you don't mind. :)) You have a gift with words! Absolutely lovely.
    -Kate (The Sailor)

  4. Thank you!! I'm so happy you like,
    Thanks for checking out my blog;)


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