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Sunday, October 2

Rosy wonderings.

Milky whisps of starlit clouds like streamers across the velvet sky..
creating a frosty pattern.......                                
 cold frosted windows,  
im cozy in both my warm attire and in my happyness.

So. Its getting chilly an frostyish. brrr. But during the day the sun glints off the vibrantly colored  trees, leaves losing their grip and cascading down to join their friends on the ground,
creating rainbow clusters that glint in the autumn sun.

...and don't tell anybody but im kina getting excited for Christmas.
Cozyness calling out my name.
Family times around the fireplaces bursting with warmth, love and yummy food.
Celebrating what happened so many long years ago,
Joy, Happiness and wonder, coming alive.
Whats not to love!!!
I cant wait. :)



  1. Please not Christmas yet! I'm still in my summer mood. Lol

  2. I am to!! bt hey if its winter already im gonna enjoy it:) usually your already measuring out your rink lol.


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