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Saturday, September 24


What really is Freedom to you? Just recently I've realized again that to some people it has an entirely different meaning than it does to me. To some its doing what you want, when you want, all in your own time. Deciding things by yourself. Having what you want, dressing how you want. Being your "true self".
To me, Freedom isn't being independant. Or living life on my own terms. Thats just like deciding to go live  INSIDE the cage to be free. Being truly free isnt something you can "get" or just decide to have. Its something deeper, something that only realizing what the truth is and living it, can bring. To me, freedom is being secure in Jesus Christ and realizing just as much as my teeny mushy brain can comprehend how much he loves me. Talking to him, reading his Book that he gave to us to guide us by, and just letting him lead my life. Somehow living in Him and in His Word, all bondage dissapears.. and true peacefulness and happiness just pours in. I can't even explain the wonderfullness of it.

Hallelujah!...We Are Free!!
Free from a heart bound by captivity;
Free from eyes that cannot see truth;
Free from ears that cannot hear God‘s word;
Free from a world of darkness and fear;
Free from a life of sin and its toll;
Free from Satan’s power and control;
Free from those heavy chains that bind;
Free to worship God in Spirit and truth...
Freed by God’s wondrous-amazing grace;
Freed by His Son who died in our place;
Freed by the precious blood that He shed;
Freed by the resurrection from the dead;
Freed by His pardon from all our sin;
Freed by His cleansing power within;
Freed by our Creator’s omnipotent hand;
Freed as we bow in humble thanksgiving
and are born again by His Holy Spirit.
Free to know peace and true happiness;
Free to enjoy a life that is blessed;
Free to love and forgive our brother;
Free to serve God and one another;
Free to live righteous, holy lives;
Free to follow Christ as He guides;
Free to worship and praise His Name;
Thank God we’re FREE from all our shame...
Hallelujah!...We Are Free!!
--Connie Campbell Bratcher (adapted)

"Jesus makes clear what the truth is. Yes, we were slaves, slaves of sin and Satan. But Jesus, God’s Son, came to set us free. He lived and died and rose again and has defeated sin, death and Satan. He has won freedom for the world and he offers that freedom to all through the Gospel. Now Jesus says to you and to me, to all who have been brought to faith in him; “hold to my teaching, remain in my word, then you are truly my disciples and you will know the truth and you will rejoice daily in your freedom.”  -Ulrike Unruh

So this is what I've been thinking about.. now I wanna hear what you guys have to say. :)

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  1. U hit the nail on the head kate! Allll the way is all I can say!


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