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Monday, October 24

Ponderings of a more InTRicAte nature.

"Your Own Mind is the Only Thing That can Hold You Victim."

  Its true, that phrase. Isn't it? Every day i go around thinking thoughts and opinions and bumble jumbled randomness. Every time i feel intimidated, frustrated, insecure, scared, petrified, judged, or just down, Its because i Let myself feel that way. The only one who can actually "change" the way i think is ME. Other people can bring ideas, egg me on, or even convince me to change my way of thinking in small areas, yet only I have control of whether i decide to believe them or not; agree with them or not. Or whether to say, "Okay so she did this, and she still has a meaningful relationship with God it looks like, so like.. probably I could TRY it at least.." There's a little niggling of guilt, but i kind of ignore it and chose not to chose. Choosing not to chose seems like the easy way out so often, but that ignoring the Holy Spirit once, can turn into twice and more and more so fast.
  God gave us the power of choice, so that when one of his little creatures decided to follow Him, it was because he CHOSE to. And because he Absolutely was in Love with God, and wanted whatever He wanted for him. In a way it seems so small, but that little teeny thing we let our self think and we let kind of frisk around in our brain and we get used to it and accept it, they could be the making or breaking of our destiny; or Heaven or Hell. That one little thing we decide won't matter because i tell myself its just a teeny thing, It shouldn't make a difference, or change anything, That alone could be the decision that takes me off of God's path. When suddenly our life is snuffed out, were not going to be thinking about that jacket that we wished we had bought. We're going to be hoping that we made the right decisions, cos at that time NOTHING else will matter. Not a thing. And if we haven't been living Absolutely for God and suddenly are disappointed, we'll wish we had just done that one little thing that one time differently than we did.
Sumfin spechul:  http://owlcityblog.com/2011/10/24/why-must-we-fall/

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