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Thursday, October 20

A particularly cheesy aftertaste threatens..

                a dollop of chocolate threatens to tumble..
it glides slowly towards the ground,i reach for it,
but my finger misses. splat.
I stoop. With a tender gaze, I affectionately comfort the liquid smear whose life was so dramatically ended in front of my very eyes. My eyes water in sadness for all the experiences of living it missed.
Its young years were so cut short.
I cry.

       I have noticed that saying this poem/sad little story to ones self out loud, creates an almost.. hypnotizing atmosphere, and not in a fun way. In a "AHHH GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" sort of way.
Its kindof traumatizing for all involved.
I'll leave it at that.

You probably notice i really suck at updating this blog regularly or even like... weekly.. but. Yeah. So now i leave this picture in your tender loving care for you to admire and gaze at wistfully.

                                                                      Goodbye My beignets peu de lard:)
P.S. I'm apologizing right here and now that you had to read this. For your safety you might want to look into getting a full time shrink if your going to continue to read my blog. Lol.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I miss you, dear cousin!!! *sniffle*.. n btw good post. HA!

  2. OH Laura anne:) thankyou mucho and i miss you toooo!!!!!! U should come here for sunday. :)


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