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Tuesday, October 30

It's Time. HELP me out please??? o_o (puppy dog eyes)

I'm sick of being uninspired.
It's time for me to wake up.

I don't know if I'm alone in this, but even tho i really Love blogging,  It's hard to put it at the top of my priorities when I can convince myself that nobody notices if I don't post anyhow.
Every comment I get  inspires me and gives me hope and makes me WANT to inspire You as an audience, and share with you my thoughts and words.
But I have to say, as a hypocrite, that doesn't mean I take time to do the same! Which I'm going to try to CHANGE , now! *crosses fingers*
I have an Idea; Will You guys comment and request A topic, Type of post, Whatever comes to you? Anything to give me ideas, inspire me, give me hope, whatever.

I've been thinking of doing a question and answer blog post, the questions coming from YOU. As many questions  as you can think of, doesn't matter what about, I'll try and answer.

My only problem is that I'm gonna need You to comment.

So.... COMMENT PLEASE????!! :):)
(no obligations! ;) *snort!*)


  1. What about fashion, music, movie reviews... I like you background-very pretty!! I like blue & pink together!

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  3. Oh, and what about photography?


  4. Oh, I know *exactly* what you feel like. I love blogging too but my insparation machine took a trip somewhere awesome without me so I'm stuck here all dull and tired of nobody noticing. lol. I hope it comes back soon...
    Um....I dunno. I like reading about people's lives! What do you like to do? I love pictures. of anything. funny pictures, sad pictures...Put up pictures. :D
    Heyhey! Lemme know when you're doing a Q and A blog. I'll ask away! <3

    1. Thank GOODNESS!! :) It's relieving to know that this drag is not in fact so unusual after all lol! What splendid ideas! Thanks very much Rachel:) :)

  5. I guess I am a nostalgic person. Cause I like to write about memories, things people have done for me that made me feel special, etc... If I go to digging through old notebooks, school papers, visit places that were my favorites when I was a kid, I can usually find something to write about. Maybe that's just me and it won't help you..... But I always like reading your posts!:)

    1. Those are my favorite things to write about!! Thanks for the thoughts Natalie!! I'm already getting ideas;)

  6. Aww! I am sorry you feel like you are in a rut! Did you change your background? I really like it! Super bright and pretty!

    I like reading pretty much anything! I like reading other peoples take on movies/books and I love picture posts. Just keep plugging away at it! And I love laughing. Any thing funny pictures/stories/jokes are always welcome! <3

    And don't worry about how popular you are or who many page views you have. If you love blogging, do it because you want to. Just keep plugging away at it and know that we love whatever you write! <3

    1. Thanks Jonnah!! :) I need to remember this... Life takes up so much time these days! And i must do it for ME. THanks:D <3

  7. I know JUST how you feel! Every time my comments are low I feel like people must hate what I post, but I'm a pessimist and I keep having to remind myself that if the content is satisfying to ME, then its ok and I shouldn't worry about what others think.
    I personally quite like your blog but you don't post enough, so I'm glad you want to change that!! :D
    Don't be afraid to talk about really random wacky things, cos lots of people are to afraid to talk about stuff like that {like meh, ugh, i'm trying to get over it, lol}
    Can't wait to see more posts coming from you!
    If you want a list of questions just let me know, I'm good at asking questions ^_^

    1. OH Whew! :) Same! I do want to change not posting as much, but It will take an effort! THanks Noni:D <3!

  8. Great ideas! :) and don't let your sometimes "dull" feelings convince you that you are uninspired!! I don't know if you read my blog or not, but I try to post every or every other day..."TRY" to! and I love to write about little, everyday, ordinary things! After all, Life is made up of one little thing after the other, and it all comes together to make a beautiful, amazing world! Sometimes deeper, more thought-provoking posts erupt even though I sat down intending to only write some boring tidbit that happened to me. And, I find it a challenge to write in a way that even dull happenings are interesting! Life is as interesting as we make it! :) How about a "day in the life of kate" post? keep a log of everything you experience in a day! Make it a super-aware day!

    1. Thanks Sharon!! :D Your blog inspires me!! I don't read it very often cos it doesn't show up in my blog feed but I laugh and giggle every time i do!! Life is as interesting as we make it, Indeed!!! Thanks:)


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