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Thursday, October 4


Ohh! How I have missed BLogging!! I sit here and breathe it in like an old familiar scent. Ahhh. :)
Anyways. Excuse me while I blabber for awhile.
 My September was MAGNIFICIENT!!!
On the 4th  I got on an airplane in Toronto and flew 81/2 hours over the ocean to the lovely land of Ukraine.
I lived with Amber, who You may know as Rainbow Smudge, and her splendid family for 3 weeks. And we had a crazy, amazing, awesome, spectacular, memory-filled time. ;) Made new friends and went on hair-raising adventures. :D It was AWE-SOME!
I got home on the 25th, 5 days before my Cousin's wedding. The jet lag was Lovely. ;)
I just noticed now that while I was off being a world traveller I missed my First blogoversary! Hum de dum! Lets celebrate!!
I can't believe Its been a year. So much has happened since than and Its been a crazy Ride!
This next year I'm going to try to keep blogging among my top 30 priorities. So let's see how that turns out.:D  I am open to reminders. ;)

Now i feel like answering some cute questions I saw on afew of the blogs that i follow... ......GO!
  (The words I typed are in reference to how i feel, not what resembles me:D Just making that clear....)
If I were a gemstone:Id be a pearl. 
If I were a scent: I'd be the smell of rain
If I were a pair of shoes: I'd be high heeled pirate boots.  girly AND scary:D
If I were the weather: I'd be a fresh, bright, rainbow-filled, and mist swirled.
If I were a facial expression: I'd be a goofy ear to ear grin
If I were a car: I'd be a ......um.... okay i wouldn't be a car. I'd be one of those hippie vans that are huge and  pastel colored and awesome;D
If I were a time of day: I'd be 10 P.M, when the evening is just beginning.;)
If I were a month: I'd be September
If I were a place: I'd be a cute little coffee shop in the middle of winter.
If I were a liquid: I'd be maple tea.
If I were a taste: I'd be chocolate;)
If I were a sea animal: I'd be a charming shark;D
If I were a food: I'd be a cinnamon roll;)
If I were a color: I'd be A vintage color. Like lilac or light blueish green...
If I were a musical instrument: I'd be bagpipes:D
If I were a flower: I'd be baby's breath.
If I were a song: I'd be a song of happiness mixed with laughing.
If I were a planet: I'd be Pluto. Ignored but unforgettable;P
If I were an object: I'd be a glint in your eye
If I were a fruit: I'd be a raspberry
If I were a sound: I'd be a giggle
If I were a day of the week: I'd be Saturday.

 Random. I love blogging. :) Hope you guys are having the best day EVerrr.


  1. cheers to posting after a long spell of...not posting:) and of course cheers to the fun time we had! thanks for coming! you made my year!
    i do like the survey answers:D You'd definitely be a giggle;)

    1. Cheers indeed:D To all of it!! It was a highlight in my life, let me tell you;)

  2. hmmm Kate where does the maple tea idea come from???:) and yah thanx for coming! we miss you soo much!

    1. Lol! I miss Maple tea so much!!!!!! I'm not sure If I'm gonna try to bribe you to bring some back for me or if I should just remember it in fondness:D I miss you too!! Already!


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