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Wednesday, April 18

Of Sensations Past...

             Distant Melodies...
           and Rising
                         between my outstretched fingers..

Rendering me speechless,
  a Song I know I've heard before

            but softer,

Cinnamon swirls and
                            Rich vanilla notes,
      Gliding thru me like a torrent of chocolate spears.

A faraway anthem.
                         A echo of clanging bells
       Ringing in the back of my numb mind

 Familiar cHords.
            haunting remembrance.
 A symphony of goosebumps

Spiraling whisps of stardust
                                                         thru the air...
      a Slowmotion swirling of tutus;
    Clusters of whimsical dreams in ballet ensemble
                   dancing among softly floating sugar crystals...
                                           barely hidden in the vanilla twilight.

A silky Curtain of memories...
    Simpering breezes
                              tug coyly at my hair

           ....Begging me to stay.


  1. i like it lots!..<3 its very true too if you can apply those lovely things to lovely sensations and memories of the past...

  2. I LOVE it! it sent shivers up my spine...:)

  3. Amber...<3 ;)
    Hey Thanks Nancy K... The past has alot of sensations if you let it;)
    THANK you SherI! I mean, is that not the best thing ever?! Thanks for experiencing it with me;)
    Alot of winks in this reply.

  4. wow...this is really great. I love all the word pictures.


  5. Thank you Carli;) I Love your blog btw!


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