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Friday, May 4

The UnSaid

The silence of The Unsaid...
            Choruses of what needs to  Be Told
        echo in my mind.

A scrambled photo of blurry confusion

   back-tracked swirls ,
                                  a merry-go-round of wanderings
       that I can't wrap my mind around.

     ...melancholy musings....

 Yearning for something Sure. 
Drifting helplessly,             Floundering in a relentless undercurrent of light breaths.

              Unsure of where I even am wanting to be.
 wrestling hopelessly with this  Nagging Emptiness  in my stomach.

I try and swallow the fear.
I choke on the heavy hollowness.

           The accusatory stares of The words I didn't say,


  1. The melancholy in me loves this post... I'm not sure if I grasp the full meaning, but I admire the way you've captured feelings. They speak volumes.

  2. *gasp* this is loverly. <3 <3 xoxo

  3. Does Melancholy ever have a full meaning?
    It means alot that when I do my best at capturing the feelings you guys make them come to life in your minds.
    For that I think you, as the reader, are Awe-Some.

    Thank you muchly both Carson and RinskiiJoy.

  4. i love this kate...totaly understand..

  5. love this too. *yearning for something..unsure of what i am even want ing to be*...

  6. this is gorgeous and completely how i feel at the moment. i couldn't have put it better <3


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