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Tuesday, April 17

On a cloud of Blossoms

Someday I'll go live in a field of flowers.
           secluded from drama...
Just me and the sky and the scent of love in the air.

Free to drown in the fragrant Hills of angelic blooming buds.


fRee to dance among the perfumed breezes...
   To bathe in the intoxication of Freedom

free to daydream on clouds of sweet blossoms.


Lost in a song of wonder.
 A lullaby of heavily scented bouquets.


I'd watch the sunset from my cushion of Happiness..
And relax contentedly in the royal twilight.

Maybe someday I'll die from happiness in a field of flowers.

What a Heavenly way to die.

Ahhhh. :)
*contented sigh*

I can smell it already!!! perfumed breezes teasing me....

....Maybe I'm just a dreamer..


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