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Wednesday, September 14

The Late Love of my Life.

Today I will tell you the story of Arnold.
 *clears throat vigorously*

Arnold. Arnold was the love of my life. Was. Please take note on the emphasis of the word "was". Thank you. My father(hi dad)  beheld Arnold one day.. I would tell you more about the vibrancy of the day except for the fact that i recollect nothing about it.. So anyways.Back to the story. Arnold was a jaunty little fellow..  about two inches in diameter to be exact. He was waddling amongst rocks when he caught my dad's eye and perhaps he thought his daughter(me) would fancy Arnold, I don't know. But i did. Indeed I did. Arnold became my pride and my joy, the bread to my butter. The milk to my oreo. *okay maybe.. this part is exagerated.. a tad..*  When he came home with my father and was introduced i fell madly in love. I named him Arnold. My family tried to convince themeselves that the could all name him, to some he was Zip.To some he was, well i forget all the names he was dubbed but they were various ones. But i always knew that he would only ever be Arnold. 
He had a zesty life.. which consisted of basically trying to escape from his tupperware home, which we eventually had to put in a large basin because of his escape tactics somehow working.
He didn't eat much.
One day, Arnold looked a little down.A little in the dumps. More down than usual. We decided (there was much sadness involved) that he would have more fun in a different sort of place to live. Like for example a place that was more like he was used to before he became our hostage. He seemed passive about the idea and so with much sadness we sent him packing. He now lives somewhere in our creek behind our house. Maybe he found a little wife. I don't know. I have never come across Arnold since he left. But he will forever remain in our hearts, To the end. Waddle in Peace Arnold the turtle.


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