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Tuesday, May 27


My name is Kate.
I'm a Dreamer...
a procrastinator,
a hoper...
and a wisher.
I'm in love with Lilacs.
and purple.
and flowers:)

I believe in tea parties and fairies and hopes,
 and dreams
of stone castles with ivy covered walls,

of freedom,
of absolute happiness,
and of Prince Charming ....
of the look in his eyes when I walked up the stairs
the morning of our wedding,
and he stood up,
and time stood still while we forgot to breathe.
...of the moments that we will never forget.
 Of the things that make me feel alive....
tea cups
warm fresh air and the smell of cut grass
the sound of cars outside my window
flowers in my hair
the wind on my face
the earth on my toes
the sun on my face...
I'm a worrier.
I often close my eyes and remind myself to
I believe the secret to having the perfect day
is starting it with God
and living it with Hope.
Make Your life
make the living more vibrant,
the believing more faithful,
the loving more complete.
The pages more filled,
the days more fulfilling
and the life worth living.
Maybe I'm just a dreamer;)
P.S! I love writing to you guys!!! Shame on me about the promised Haiti post that hasn't gotten STARTED! I don't even know where my writings are at the moment. *blush* Im so sorry! But also sick of waiting on myself to write that one and putting off all writing. Eventually I hope to tell you about my time there. Until than, expect spaced posts like usual, no promises anymore lol. thanks for your patience. All of these gorgeous pictures are not my own, but from pinterest!!! Love you all!:)


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    1. THANK YOU Madd:):) I love it when you comment lol! Makes my day.


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