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Wednesday, January 7


"A year of Thunder and wonder. a year of beginnings and of ends. a year of friends and love. a year of family and new family. another year of wandering upon the earth in search of truth and happiness.

We humans are funny things. Year after year. day after day. struggling to stay afloat. stressing, laughing, sharing, worrying, resting, sharing, smiling and frowning.

It is so unnecessary to get stuck in a rut with so many beautiful things around us, but sometimes we do anyway. Sometimes we do it without realizing it. "

Words i typed on January 1st. The first day of the latest year of our existence... maybe even the best year of our lives yet, it all depends on what we do with our lives this year.

Time flies and feelings change, people grow older and leaves fall and are replaced by new leaves; babies learn to walk and talk and just in the blink of an eye they are little individuals with feelings and hurts and joys and personalities. Seasons change and so do our minds and so do our lives.

Change scares me sometimes, but change and time is sometimes the whole reason that Happiness comes to us and life blooms and love grows.

Feeling thankful. ♡♡♡


  1. i love this...for some reason i just now today got an email saying that you had posted...? anyway, i love your writing! ;)

  2. Hi Sharon!! I always love it when you comment. It makes posting something seem worthwhile:)
    I had a new years draft that i had forgotten to finish so i just added on and posted it!!


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