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Sunday, June 10


-Heart Hiccups 
-baby giggles
-A fo real "i understand" moment
-special smiles
-my cousins and their absolutely perfect caring hearts :')
-Friends. The far, and the close. <3
-fireflies on the beach at night
-looking at the stars and feeling my heart beat inside me.
-old vehichles:)
-feeling secure in CHRIST! <3 
-Happiness. duh:)  
-making people laugh ;) hehe. so satisfying.
-our waterfall in our back yard. and other ones. :) big ones. 
-sitting outside in the dark by myself and feeling emotions.
-feeling emotions. In general. they amaze me and fascinate me.
-watching people. So many souls. so little time. 
-*feeling small* moments. 
-God touches. ;)  
-being absolutely content.      COM plete Ly.              ahhh.<3 :)
-being able to tell my friends my life problems and confusions, and getting love and advice. More than I can say, I love this and appreciate this.
-rain. a shower of refreshing loveliness. <3
-belly laughs :)
-water fights
-the SUN!
-Ontario!!!   BEAUTY at its absolute loveliest! Lush, green summerness.
-My Church. Not the building, the Warm Love.
-Happy days.
-Secrets.                                              ;)
-things that little kids say.:D 
-inside jokes. 
-family gatherings:)
-Sunsets on the beach. 
-Frozen Yogurt
-crunchy apples:)
-little pets
-Arnold The Turtle :')
-My family!! My strange, strange family.
-heart to heart walks at night:)
-the Moon
-fresh air
-My jeep:)
-freckles lol:D
-Ice water
-feeling Loved
-feeling special.
-real complements
-green trees
-adrenaline rushes:)
-insignificant significance 
-a breeze
-feeling like a little kid again
-turning 18:)  maybe. We'll see;)
-the look on someones face when you give them a gift. :) :) :)
-finding humorousness in strange situations
-open windows
-the smell of grass
-perfume! :)
-the fact that this list will probably never end . 
- :)       smileys. 

-Joyful Living.

My life makes me happy. 
My FRIENDS, You light up my life. 

What makes YOu happy? . :)


  1. i LOVE the old vehicles part- but im not so in love with the inside joke idea! never been a fan...(anyways lets not go there) and i wanna come out there and go 4x4ing with u in your jeep! -thats totally my style of fun! :D

  2. GOrdo! Please do please do!!!! :) that'd make my summer:)

  3. Ooooohhhhh I luv em all...wow!!...I'd like to add "the mountains" or when you get to spend a weekend there with friends or family...and the feeling of going home from work after a busy day cuz mmmmmmmmm now the party can start but you worked all day so you feel good and can have fun without any guilty and unaccomplished feelings

  4. The mountains should be added! ANd also the others that you mentiond Laura ANne:) :) ANd I think I would add you to the list. Even though I've covered you in general-ness, :).

  5. Hey Kate! :) your cuz sharon here! Love your blog; relish its randomness! If you send me your email, I'll send you an invite to mine. its a private blog. ttyl!

  6. Hi Sharon! :) I'm excited to be one of your followers hehe! :) Thanks for the words.

  7. Glow-sticks and shadows for the win!!! :D

    1. You know about glowsticks too?!! :D kindred spirit moment!! Did you know that If you cut them open and spray them in grass it turns into a world of sparkles?!!!


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