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Tuesday, June 26


Swish goes the day.
Every time.

Summer is being Hectic!! As Busy as a barnyard, and absolutely Crazy. And wonderful. :)
 On the days that i feel overwhelmed or stressed out or just a little lost, I like to look up at the stars and think of the little things that I make me happy.

Like ....
      green leaves.
or my brothers' sillyness.
    The swoosh of wind on my face.
Driving with the windows down.
               Days that the sky is blue, the clouds are puffy, and the air is fresh and reviving.
     Special birthday gifts. :)

...Special moments when I can sit back, look around quietly and contentedly, and say, "Life is Good".
God is good.

And relax in Him.


*happy smile*

I heard about Gratitude Journals for the first time in Sunday School the other day. What better time to start one than in the early morning hours of my first day after turning 18.

Wishing You Gratitude;)


  1. happy birthday!! 18 is an awesome age to be! :)love the gratitude journal idea....

    1. I thought it was awesome too;) Thanks! I had a good one, its being pretty awesome so far! :D

  2. Happy Birthday too! I would love to see and laugh at your lil brother again!

  3. Hahaa He would love to see you I'm sure!! :D thanks for the birthday wishes;)

  4. Happy birthday for the other day! I have to applaud the gratitude journal idea... I love mine! Make a person so thankful! Have fun being 18:)

  5. i started one too:) its pretty super. thanks for the thought<3


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