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Saturday, January 7

Things that You should see from 2011

Hey everybody!!!  I'm hoping that 2012 is being AWEsome for You!
This is a tad later than, you know, seems fitting. I'll pretend I care...:)
I have read alot of Amaazing blogs in 2011. These are some of my favorites.

Rainbow Smudge: This one is called Lullabye, and its one of my many favoritest posts of Amber's. :) Her blog is a wonderful place where

Purple Pebbles: JoLynn made this post called Fireflies which 0bviously is gonna be Awesome...  She writes randomness. :)

Quailsaver: This post I like alot, and check This dude out cos he's got a way of writing that is absolutely intriguing. United with magic.

Solitary Wanderings: Carson has a way with words. That's about all I can say. Read His blog! This is one of my faves, Mango Twilight.

Another Ugly Bow: A thought-starting post by Mandy. Communication.

Owl City: I can sit and read Adam's writings for endless hours. Mmagnificent stuff going on there... This ones called Why Must We Fall.

Crazy Rants of an Overly-Obsessed Writer: I found this and fell in LOve with it. It's called Begin the Acting. Enchanting.

Binary Soda: One of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen in my Life.. right here.

The Upsetter: Reasons Why by Nonii. A Must-read.

and lastly but not leastly,

Dream Sailor: Beautiful, enchanting writings by the number. ANd her name is Kate. :) This one is Raise the Shipwreck. Its my favorite. :)

Hope you all think they are at least 1/2 as wonderful as I do.
(which means liking them alot basically.)
:) tootles.

Question Time! (yaaay) :D
How did you all bring in the New Year?
(Its only been what, a week?!)


  1. awwww kate thanx so much! :) i luvvvvvs ur blog too.... :)

  2. SWEET! I mean. Your sweet <3 Thanks for sharing ^_^ Btw, if your an OC fan (which doh, you are!!) check out my blog in case you havent hear anything from him in awhile, of course you have read his new blog post I'm sure ;-)
    I love your blog!

  3. Hey thanks guys:) <3
    and Yes Nonii, will be reading your blog this year for sure!!!! ;)

  4. Aww, thank you so much, Kate! <3 :)That means a lot to me. & I shall totally check out the other posts linked too!

  5. I was eagerly a-waiting another post. Surprise of surprises - It was just as intriguing as the others! Cheers to a new year!

  6. heey thanks for the sharing:D i was feeling bored and all these links you gave will totaly cure that cause you, i must admit, have Great taste!:)

  7. Hey good idea Kate. :)
    And thanks, Carson! I thought it was kindof a cool idea, so thanks to THe Sailor.:)
    Amber, LOl:D Heyyy you would know it girl:D You will like i have faith. :)

  8. Gracias for the compliment, kate-o! (or maybe you don't like your name spelled with a dash and an 'o') Hopefully it doesn't upset you.. !Feliz Ano Nuevo!

  9. It in fact doesnt upset me, maybe because I prefer nicknames. Also, your welcome. :)


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