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Thursday, December 8


It's becoming WInter!!!!!
The thought fills me with excitement and hyperventilation,
As far as actual snow, so far its been pretty pitiful,
but Hey there's still time to get some good snowing done before Christmas!
But theres small patches of whiteness...
Something about waking up, and beholding the Winter Wonderland
outside of your window.
My breath hitches at the pure White fantasy that its become overnight.
I want to go roll around in it.
My inner canine coming out I suppose...:)

So What do you guys think about winter and snow and Christmas????
Do you Love it too?! :D
((super hyper, energetically waiting for responses...))


  1. First off, I love this post!! And the picture is awesome ;-D You describe how magical the snow looks PERFECTLY.
    It just snowed quite a bit where I live, I'd say we have about a few inches or so. It is sooo pretty! I'm usually not the biggest fan of snow because winters last soooo long here but it does look utterly magical. And I am VERY excited for Christmas!! & I hope you have a great Christmas!
    God Bless,

  2. Thanks other Kate!!:) The picture I love too, thanks Google Images.:D We only have patches of snow so far, so I'm still waiting for the good stuff. After New YEars I start getting tired of the snow, when it all turns muddy and slushy and gross. But I'm gonna enjoy it while i can:)
    You have an AweSome Christmas too!! :)

  3. i looove winter with its sparkling silverness.The skating and sledding are such fun!<3

  4. have u ever went christmas caroling with out a jacket??..we did lst nyt, just a light hoodie at the end is all we needed! huh...whats snow? sounds awwesome eh! but u ever heard of having a wonderful green or brown christmas? :> ..no i do looove snow!!


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