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Wednesday, April 2

NEW POST!!!!!!!

Hello Lovelies;)

I've missed you! I am so Horrified its taken me this long to tell you all about what's been happening to me and I'm SORRY I've been gone so long! So much for every time I promise to try to blog more, HaHa.

2014 has come and its APRIL already! So many crazy and exciting things happened to me this year already...

One January evening, my friend Amber, whom you all know as Rainbow Smudge, and I were talking on the phone and I was sitting on the couch and she WALKS INTO MY HOUSE!!!! I hadn't seen her for a VERY long time and she was supposed to be in Alberta and I was so absolutely shocked that I almost fainted from happiness. :D Best surprise EVER!!! I love that girl so much. :)

March 16th my cousin married a girl from Haiti and we got to go!!! This was SO SO exciting for me and Kris because he had never been away from North America before and I had longed to go back ever since I got home from a visit 3 years ago. We booked tickets along with my family to leave March 13th, stay the night in Miami, and fly into Port Au Prince the next afternoon. My Grandpas live there part-time and them along with most of my Dads family came and picked us up at the steamy airport. The sun was beaming down and it was 31 degrees Celsius when we walked outside and MAN was it good to be back. I teared up a bit. :)
Tell me if you all want a lil story about our time there, cuz I did write the highlights every day just in case.

Guys, I reallllly want to get back into writing like the good old days. I'm not sure if writers block can even actually last as long as it has for me, or if I've not had enough time and relaxation and rainy days to be all Melancholy and writey again.... but whatever it is I HATE it!!!! And its lasted way too long.
Maybe to get inspired il post some old stuff that I wrote long ago and never shared. I dunno.
If you could give me ideas on how to be more inspired to write or what to write about, PLEASE do?!! In the comments of course... I feel like these posts where I just write about my life must be so BORING and lame that nobody even reads them through anymore LOL so if you read this far YAAY you get a prize of ... not sure... If you ever come visit me and my lil house I'll definitely give you a drink or whatever I have available!!!

Anyway... im sorry about the boring epistle but I must go get ready, for when my Prince gets home from work he is taking me out for supper and grocery shopping!!!! Lol! Life rocks.

Seriously, if you took the time out of your life to read this, I am flattered and shocked because, well... that's really something.
I love you!!!

til next time... heres my wise words of the day.

life(this post) is like an octopus, so many... wrongly spelled words and punctuation, at least 8....... or......
 nope that fizzled out. I don't believe I'm making sense anymore...... maybe I'm just a dreamer


  1. I really enjoy your posts, misspelled words and all. ;D Some stories about Haiti would be so cool! I've never been anywhere near there so I'm very curious. :)
    I know what you mean about not being able to write as often... Pretty much no one reads my blog anymore except my brother, which makes me really sad... Blogs just seem to have fallen by the wayside in the past year, and I find it really hard to post often too. Once a month is about the best I can manage at the moment. :( So don't feel bad, but please keep trying with me, since it would be a terrible tragedy if the Hoot Owl blogosphere became non-existent eventually.

    1. Madd! :) thanks so much for the comment! you know what... the once every 2 or 3 months that I check my blogger list I read your blog!! I've always loved it!! Yes lets keep trying!!! :):) keep it alive;)

  2. KAAAAAAAATE *crashhugs* SO glad to see you back on blogger, girl! So nice to read your catch-up post and see how you've been and what's up and all that awesome stuff. It sounds like life has been way awesome for you AND YES, YOU NEED TO POST ABOUT HAITI AND YOUR TIME THERE. Seriously, I would *love* to hear all about it and see pictures if you took pictures/want to share pictures. Thank you also for your super sweet comment on my blog, it means so much to me and it was a big encouragement!
    the other Kate (;

    1. SAILOR!!!!!!!!!!! :):) aww thanks for such a sweet comment!!! I read it on my email and GRINNED like a banshee as I was making stir-fry for dinner cuz I was so happy about it, heehee!!! :):) I will do a Haiti Post for sure than, if even one or two are excited to hear about it. Love, Kate

  3. I for one wouldnt mind reading a post on Haiti!!! i know you had a lovely lovely time there but i'd love more details and whatever! x0x0 loved the post! <3

  4. Hey I still love reading anything you write!! :) and I know how you feel!! I used to blog every day and now I feel good if I write once a month! I also would love to hear about Haiti!

    1. GOOD! :D I am just such a procrastinator!!


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