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Wednesday, August 22


SO. I feel like a straaaanger to this faintly familiar idea of typing out words for other people to read for fun.......
Or whatever...

OH. My WORD. I am going to UKRAINE! To visit Amberlynn!!!!!!!!!  Finally... after only about 3 YEARs of wishing and dreaming, its happening!!! Small (and by small i mean HUUUUMONGOUS) happiness in me  right now! Oh how my heart bursts with sparkles of over-joyed-ness. :) :) :)

Okay. Caaaalm down. Breathe. In out. in out.
Shhh. :)

I'm really tired. My life has been a crazy insane wonderful rocky rollercoaster.I have nottt been keeping up with blogging but it's been absolutely CRAY. so .... I trust you will excuse the lack. ;)  Approximately at least 3 weddings are happening in the next few months...so Maybe when winter starts life will calm down. HAH. :) Maybe.

My Heart is happy and even tho some days seem despondant and horrid, There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Hope lingers.... 

Let me tell you, I must be getting off to bed. My next month or two is laughing at me already. :) 

wishing Peace and Joy to every one of you...


  1. Awesome! I love it when I wish/hope for something for a really long time and it comes true! <3 Take lots of pictures! <3

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    1. oops! made a mistake!! But, I AM SO THRILLED FOR YOU!!! and jealous of you "going abroad!" lol but have a crazy good time! I know you will!!

    2. Thanks Sharon!!:D I know I will too.. And don't think I'll really believe it's happening until I'm going home.


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