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Thursday, July 19

Not Thought Out.

Its time to write again, I was told. So here I am. Its not pre-planned, somebody get the barf bucket because word vomit just may happen.
"Not thought out". It didn't feel complete without the period. It needed something to finish it..

You know those days that just STINK? Well I havn't had very many of them lately. But some. One or two, scattered here and there just to kindof make me teeter and wonder whats happening to my life. The other ones have been over the top wonderful and magnificent tho. Maybe those bad ones were needed. 

Theres so much I want to say. So much that deserves to be said. BAhhh. It feels like every time i blog I'm feeling really deep and .... wise and wistful. :D
I assure you, In real life i am a happy person. I do laugh. (ALot)(True story) :D

When I'm happy, I get more forgetful.
Its a proven fact.

Also, I don't want to stop typing . I like typing. I like my fingernails. I haven't bitten them for a month so they're looking so NICE FOR A CHANGE. So nice and White......
Don't ask me why I am pretending you care about my fingernails.
Don't flatter yourself, the only reason I would broach such a personal matter on the internet is for purely selfish reasoning. I like the sound of typing. Okay?

I am enjoying summer. I really am. .....Volleyball with my beloved youth group a couple times a week.... Chilling eating Ice cream and stuff... the BEACH... .MMmmm:)   I'm in a dreadful state of denial about summer being almost over. Its not true, we have... a month or so left! Stop being so PESSIMISTIC eh?
Lately I have found that some Americans think that Canadians say EH afew times in every sentence. Clearly...... that would be the cause for alot of extra talk time.
I'm Canadian.

I must apoligize before I end this for the absolute PILFERING out of nonsensical verbal spew. Please forgive. But I cannot deal with being normal very often, you see.

I need a hammock.
So I can sprawl haphazardly, drinking a smoothie... and just write, for you guys, but mostly for me. Because that just sounds like the most glorious way to spend a day.
In my mind. Not that I would have TIME for it even....but I could pretend.
I'm good at pretending....


  1. this whole most is utterly coolieo.

  2. yay kate! awesome post:D twas amusing and gave me a small fit of giggles..hehe

  3. :D This is a reallyreally cute post. ^_^ I like typing too. <3

  4. don't fret; twas a fab post! :)

  5. Deep and wise and wistful - I know and love the feeling!


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