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Wednesday, October 12

The Severity of Traffic Cone Mouth Syndrome

Today my essay(bahaha) is on:
Brushing One's Teeth with Orange Paint.
Obviously, I could go the "usual/normal" road of saying..
"I WAS JOKING what kind of IDIOT would do something so stupid? I mean hello?!"
Or i could pretend this is normal.
I'll go with the latter.

So here it is.

If One Was to Brush His/Her Teeth with Orange Paint.

                           -Could trick people into thinking that you have just consumed a large amount of cheesies.
                  -Can cause traffic jams; considering your mouth now resembles a construction site.
                  -No more unwanted Beaus(Oh biiig struggle you know)(LOL).     
                  -Save money on Whitening Strips.
                  -Save money on nightlights.
                  -Save money on headlights.
                   -May get unwanted harassment about food stuck in teeth/unusual color of mouth vicinity, when CLEARLY it is intentional.
                   -Teeth may fall out and/or rot.
                   -Most of the "Pros" listed above could/should be in the "Cons", depending on circumstances and who is reading this.
Of Course.

Okay I'm just gonna apologize right here and now for wasting this much of your time already...
But it was kindof your fault *cringes* YOU SAID IT NOT ME! (you didnt actually say it. I made that up. If you DID actually say that... then WOW! I'm getting good.)
I can't even explain how retarted this post is now that i read it.. So... yeah.
I have no valid excuse.


  1. did u upload thisat work? cuz where else would u have time to do this harhar :)

  2. hahahahhahahahahahahahahhaaaaa kate! hilarrrious!


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